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Dememe Ambreさん(フランス・オルレアン大学)の体験記


国際学部所属 [留学期間:2019年4月 ~2019年9月]

● 広島はどんな街でしたか?日本に留学中にどんな体験をしましたか?
Hiroshima is a wonderful city, full of history and culture. People are so opened and kind that make you want to stay. I have been a part of different events such as Toukasan (I wore a yukata), the Hiroshima Flower Festival and soon Summer festivals. I experienced so many things regarding food, activities or just places (Hondori, the Peace Memorial Park, Miyajima, Okonomiyaki, Momiji monju…). Plus, because I lived in Sakura Dormitory, I made so many friends and took part into many events which were very important to create memories (sports festivals, big games, barbecue, …).
I didn’t try other cities in Japan yet but I was so glad to stay during several months at Hiroshima. I really like this city.

● 広島市立大学のインターンをとおしてどんな勉強をしましたか?
 As an intern I had to assist the teachers during several classes (French Society ; French 1 and 3). I had to prepare some exercices and to help with the pronunciation. I also had to teach French to students who are going in France in September for an internship. My job was to prepare them to the life in Orleans and also to give them some linguistic tools to manage with French language and culture. I also taught French to students who are going to live in France for 1 year. I took care to give them the basics to be able to live by their own in France.
Ive learned so much more about Japanese culture and about their way of learning. I had to adapt sometimes my methods to their expectations but I also wanted them to discover the way we teach French in France (which is very different). It wasnt my first time teaching French to Japanese people but being there allowed me to understand their behavior, which is very important when you are teaching a language.

● 留学をした感想や、これから広島市立大学への留学を考えている学生にメッセージをお願いします。Teaching French at Hiroshima is the best experience in my life. Sometimes its quite rough (because of the weather, or documents you have to fill in or the just the Japanese way of life). But people are here to help you when you need, even if sometimes its difficult to communicate. You just have to find solutions to make people understand.
It is too bad I couldn’t take Japanese class It would have been better for me to have some Japanese class than English I hope that everyone will realize their dreams, and I wish we’ll keep in touch because even if I only spend 5 months at HCU, my friends and people I met have become very important to me. I will miss everybody (especially Sakura students).