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Sebastian Gotheさん(ドイツ・ハノーバー専科大学)の体験記


国際学部所属 [留学期間:2018年10月 ~2019年9月]

● 広島はどんな街でしたか?日本に留学中にどんな体験をしましたか?
Hiroshima is a beautiful city with a rich nature and a lot of scenic spots. I took the time to visit many different places in and around the city with my friends.  I came to love many of the spots like the Shukkeien Garden and many places at the seaside.

● 広島市立大学ではどんな勉強をしましたか?
I studied Product Design at the Art Department and enjoyed it. The language barrier was a bigger problem than expected. No one at my course could speak English with me, so I can’t recommend the course for someone who can’t speak Japanese at all. I almost didn’t have any lectures but could work freely on my projects. I designed and build a lamp and a chair. You have to buy the material with your own money so expect something from 70 to 150 dollars per semester depending on what you build.

● 留学をした感想や、これから広島市立大学への留学を考えている学生にメッセージをお願いします。
Be careful not to spend too much in the convenient stores, it’s better to prepare some rice at home. Try to go to many events and find a good friend or partner to speak Japanese with. Join the tutoring program at the language center, it is a great way to help students and get some money. There are many places to reach around Hiroshima as a day trip: Okunoshima, Kure (Ondonoseto Koen), Onomichi, Shobara and Miyoshi are my recommendations. Try at least one of the clubs: Tea Ceremony, Wandervogel, Tennis or Volleyball or maybe Acapella. Remember you can use the gym for free! Find someone to go with you and make a weekly gym routine, I finally managed to get fit in hiroshima. If you like Sushi, take the Astram Line to Chourakuji Eki and go to スシロー for cheap sushi. If you stay for a year change your google app store country to Japanese so you can use Japanese apps AS SOON AS YOU COME HERE.  Lastly, I can not recommend the dormitory rental sheets. It is better to bring some from home. Have fun and make the most of your time!