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Regarding the use of university facilities (updated on April 22)

April 21, 2020

Regarding the use of university facilities

1. Overall policy
  The use of any university facilities is prohibited. This is in effect from April 22 until May 6.
  However, it should be noted that the period is subject to possible extension.

2. Measures for different facilities
(a) Facilities prohibited from use
    The following facilities cannot be used:

     Student Hall; gymnasium; the building for student clubs and circles; track and field;
     athletic ground; tennis courts; Satellite Campus.

    (Note: The cash machines in the Student Hall are available. The cafeteris, cafe, and shops
    in the Student Hall are closed.)

(b) Facilities open for limited use by the staff
    The following facilities can be used only by the staff and for minimal purposes:

     Administration Building; the buildings of the Faculties of International Studies, Information
     Sciences, and Arts; Lecture Building; the annex building of the Faculty of Information
     Sciences; art studios; Library; Language Center; Auditorium.

(c) Facilities open for minimal student services
    The following facilities are open for minimal student services on prior appointment:

    - Administration Building (for necessary support for students, such as financial matters);
    - Career Center (for the use of devices for online job interviews and other purposes).

(d) Facilities open for university management and student life

     Energy Center; student dormitories (Momiji and Sakura)

3. Preventive measures for infection to be taken at university facilities
  When using university facilities listed above, all users must wear a mask, and also take the
  following measures:
  - To avoid  “Three Cs” (closed spaces with poor ventilation / crowded places with many people 
    nearby / close-contact settings such as close-range conversations);
  - To keep social distancing while working;
  - To have meetings online, wherever possible;
  - To take extra care for hygiene (e.g. cough etiquette, hand washing and sanitization);
  - To keep rooms ventilated;
  - To avoid using public transport when commuting, wherever possible.

  If infection is suspected, you must refrain from using any university facilities.