Peace Studies in Hiroshima

HIROSHIMA and PEACE 2015 program
from July 29 to August 7

The aim of this summer course "HIROSHIMA and PEACE" is to provide students with a general understanding of the nature and attributes of war and peace by illuminating various aspects of wartime experiences, including the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, and, at the same time, to explore contemporary issues related to world peace in the era of globalization.
We will offer undergraduate and graduate level courses. All the lectures are conducted in English in both courses.
Home stay accommodations may be available for a limited number of non-Japanese participants.

- Undergraduate Level -

  • Eligible to participate: second year or higher undergraduate students or people who have already graduated
  • Tuition is 11,200yen. An additional fee of approximately 10,000yen to cover textbook and excursion-related costs will also be charged.

- Graduate Level -

  • Eligible to participate: graduate students, or people who already completed the Masters / Doctoral course
  • Tuition is 11,200yen. An additional fee of approximately 10,000yen to cover textbook and excursion-related costs will also be charged.

Application deadline is May 1, 2015.

We will contact each applicant through email by very beginning of June. Please check email carefully, especially if your domain is yahoo, which often sorts out our mail as a spam.

Urgent Statement!!!
                                 February 1, 2012

The Hiroshima and Peace (H&P) Organizing Committee members are gravely concerned to learn that Giovanni Lo Porto, a 2009 H&P student, was a victim of kidnapping while working in Pakistan as an aid worker, according to a New York Times report on January 21. We remember Giovanni's many positive contributions to the H&P class and his strong commitment to building peace and understanding. We are shocked to hear the news of his abduction and wish to express our concern for his life and safety. We hope all the former participants and supporters of H&P will join us in praying for his immediate and safe return. At the same time, we urge everyone to consider whatever actions could potentially assist his release. One possible means would be to write an email to to urge the Italian government to take action on behalf of Giovanni Lo Porto's return, as another former H&P participant, Claudia Hille, has suggested. It is our fervent hope that Giovanni will soon return home safely and in the meantime that everyone will behave extra carefully. Again, please join us in our prayer for his immediate release.

Members of the Hiroshima and Peace (H&P) Organizing Committee

Atomic Bomb Dome
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