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Vol.6 (March 18, 2019) Electronic Edition & Print Edition

The sixth issue of Hiroshima Peace Research Journal has been released.

ISSN: 2188-1480


<A Window into Peace Studies>
A Record of Psychological Changes and Activities: How far I can go(Kensuke Ueki) 5

<Special Feature: Human Rights Issues>
Southeast Asia’s Human Rights Crisis: When Illiberal States meet weak National Human Rights Commissions (Marco Bünte) 21
Denarrating Japan’s Gendered and Raced Citizenship in Okinawa: A Transnational Plurality of Uchinanchu(Ayano Ginoza) 45
Discrimination and Xenophobia from Above and Below in Contemporary Japan: Hate Speech and Hate Crime against Korean Schools and UN Recommendations (Wooki Park-Kim) 65

<Research Article>
Evolving Functions of the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization(CTBTO) and Its Limitation(Teruo Ishigami) 81
Tipping Point to the Peace Regime on the Korean Peninsula and Korea-Japan Relations(Koichi Ishizaka)105

<Book Review>
Akerke Sultanova
Living in a Nuclear Test Site: The Present of Kazakhstan’s Semipalatinsk(Almas Dissyukov)119
Eichi Hoshino et al.
The Agenda of Okinawa Peace Theory(Daisuke Ikegami)121

Author Guidelines 108

Vol.5 (March 15, 2018) Electronic Edition & Print Edition

The fifth issue of Hiroshima Peace Research Journal has been released.

ISSN: 2188-1480


<A Window into Peace Studies>
On the Issue of the Nuclear and Missile Crises in Northeast Asia: Reflections on my Short Visit to Pyongyang (Kazumi Mizumoto) 5

<Special Feature: Various Aspects of Nuclear Issues>
The Visible and the Invisible when Considering Northern European Permanent Spent Fuel Storage: Forsmark and Onkalo (Robert Jacobs) 13
The Debate in the German Bundestag over the Removal of US Nuclear Weapons and the Abandonment of the Policy of Nuclear Sharing (1983-2017) (Naoto Tsuzaki) 35
Social History of Nuclear Power Development in China (Liu Jing) 55

<Research Article>
Problems of Compulsory International Constitutionalism and the Prospect of Unarmed Pacifism: The Political Philosophy of Kant, Habermas and Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution (Toshiaki Tanabe) 81

Author Guidelines 108

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Vol. 4 (March 17, 2017) Electronic Edition & Print Edition

The fourth issue of Hiroshima Peace Research Journal has been released.

ISSN: 2188-1480

<A Window into Peace Studies>
Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, and Non-international Armed Conflicts (Yukie Osa)  5

<Special Feature: Refugees and Non-international Armed Conflicts>
1  Repeated Migration of Refugees from the Middle East: Dynamics and Perception of Arab Migrants-refugees to the Nordic Countries (Aiko Nishikida)  13
2 Legal Status of Defectors from DPRK: From the View Point of International Law   (Son Hyun Jin)  35
3  Assessing Civil Conflicts in Southeast Asia:
Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Thailand(Narayanan Ganesan)  57

<Research Note>
A Study of the Illegality of the Use of Nuclear Weapons: From the Perspective of the Principle of Unnecessary Suffering (Teruo Ishigami)  79

<Research Trends>
A Historiography of Recent Research Trends on the Tokyo War Crimes Trial (Hitoshi Nagai)  99

<Book Review>
Gen Kikkawa and Kazumi Mizumoto(eds.)
Why We Can’t Eliminate the Nuclear Weapons? II   Houritsubunka-sha, August 2016, v+pp229  (Hirofumi Tosaki) 113

Author Guidelines  118

Vol. 3 (March 15, 2016) Electronic Edition & Print Edition

The third issue of Hiroshima Peace Research Journal has been released.

ISSN: 2188-1480


<A Window into Peace Studies>
The 70th Anniversary of the A-Bombs: Inhumane Consequences as Viewed by a Medical Doctor  (Masao Tomonaga)  5

1  The Problem of the “Real”: Representation and Sanctification in the Hiroshima Museum  (Ran Zwigenberg)  15
2  Time and Space in A-Bomb Memorials in Hiroshima City  (Gen Tagawa)  37
3  2015 NPT Review Conference: Coherence with the Nuclear Disarmament Resolutions  (Yasuhito Fukui)  55
4  The Ukrainian Conflict as a Focal Point of Global Politics: Stateness, Regional Organizations and Geopolitics  (Takeshi Yuasa)  75

<Research Note>
Museums for Peace: Peace Museums and Information on Radiation Exposure in Japan  (Makiko Takemoto)  91

Submission Guidelines  104


Vol. 2 (March 16, 2015) Electronic Edition & Print Edition

The second issue of Hiroshima Peace Research Journal has been released.

ISSN: 2188-1480


<A Window into Peace Studies>
Memories of My Experience during the War and After  (Hiromi Hasai)  5

<Special Feature: Reconsidering the Castle Bravo Incident>
1  Bravo Research: An Introduction for the Special Feature  (Hiroko Takahashi)  19
2  Operation Castle and Its Effect on the Marshal Islands  (Hiromitsu Toyosaki)&nbsnbsp; 21
3  The Bravo Test and the Citizen Petitions for the Nuclear Test Ban: Reflections after 60 Years  (Eriko Maruhama)  47
4  Anthropogenic Fallout: The Bravo Test and the Death and Life of the Global Ecosystem  (Robert Jacobs)  77

1  Intra-state Conflicts: Can the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Play a Role?  (Ramses Amer)  97
2  North Korea under the Kim Jong-Un Regime: Perspectives on Nuclear and Abduction Issues  (Son Hyun Jin)  123
3  A Study of the Theory of Constitutional Suits on the Right to Live in Peace in Post-War Japan  (Akihiro Kawakami)  149

<Activity Report>
Peace Museum Studies on Relationships Regarding the Idea of “Peace” and Presentation of the Information on Radiation Disaster among Local Governments  (Makiko Takemoto)  185

Submission Guidelines  193


Vol. 1 (November 28, 2013) Print Edition

The very first issue of Hiroshima Peace Research Journal has been released in print edition.

ISSN: 2188-1480



Vol. 1 (October 2013) Electronic Edition *Updated on May 23, 2014

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目次   Table of Contents

巻頭言「広島平和研究所の再スタート」 (吉川 元) 3

<特集> 平和研究が直面する主要な課題
(特別寄稿 1)「核兵器のない世界」実現への展望(黒澤 満) 4
(特別寄稿 2)今日の正義・明日の平和-ジェンダー政治試論(福井 治弘) 23
(特別寄稿 3)平和とは何か―だれのための平和、友好、そして援助なのか―(吉川 元) 33


1 Consolidating Peace in Southeast Asia: Japan’s DPJ Government, JICA and the Epistemological Community(Lam Peng Er) 54
2 Peace and Conflict Drivers: Spillover and Mutual Reinforcement Between Traditional and Non-Traditional Security Paradigms(Brendan M. Howe) 84
3 Civil Society and Democracy: A Contested Companionship(Mark R. Thompson) 107


1 内閣法制局の憲法9条解釈(河上 暁弘) 142
2 長崎の原爆被爆に関する研究史を巡る一考察―占領下の「復興」の問題に寄せて―(桐谷 多恵子) 157

編集後記 186



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