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受入留学生の体験記(2017年度 ドイツ・ハノーバー専科大学)


Ngo, Huyen Trangさん [留学期間:2017年10月 ~2018年3月]


● 広島はどんな街でしたか?日本に留学中にどんな体験をしましたか?
Hiroshima is a city with a lot of variety. If you need food, clothes,etc, you can just go to the centre and everything is at one place where you can just walk by foot to get all your stuff. There are also a lot of places, where you can meet with your friends and enjoy the evening and night together! What I like the most is, that Hiroshima is a big but quite city. You can also enjoy japanese Nature and free your mind, getting some good inspiration for your projects or just explore the environment. It was always a lot of fun to go outside because everyday you will experience something new! The people are also really friendly here and also with little japanese skills you will survive here.

● 広島市立大学ではどんな勉強をしましたか?
I studied Digital Media and was focusing myself in 2D Animation. Here in HCU you can also do Stop Motion, 3D Animation, Sound Design, etc. If you need certain equipment, the teachers and the students are always helping you! Even if your japanese is not that good, they always try their best to communicate with you. It’s really sweet! In the lectures I got to know the working process of the japanese students and in the end of the semester all the students will show their final work at the exhibition. That’s really interesting and you can watch really good projects of japanese students!

● 留学をした感想や、これから広島市立大学への留学を考えている学生にメッセージをお願いします。
I met a lot of interesting people here and I also had a lot of fun hanging around with my friends! I enjoyed japanese food and traveled a lot to get to know more about japanese culture and life style. It’s always good to learn the language because you will make japanese people really happy when you try speaking japanese with them! They will see your effort and your great interest for their culture.