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受入留学生の体験記(2016年度 ドイツ・ハノーバー専科大学)


Memory in Hiroshima
(Click the picture to enlarge)Hitchhike to OkayamaRiver bed at Peace Memorial Park
Japanese Ryokan

Paluch Deborahさん

[留学期間:2016年10月 ~2017年9月]

● 広島はどんな街でしたか?日本に留学中にどんな体験をしましたか?
What kind of impression did you get from Hiroshima City? Provide your special memories during your stay in Japan.

Hiroshima is a nice and clean city where you can experience a lot of different views, and amazing tasty dishes, so you can have a lot of fun. HCU is located on the mountain in quiet and peaceful area which has nice contrast to the packed and lively flow downtown. Hiroshima is a historical city keeping the A-Bomb dome and some other old buildings which survived from the Atomic bomb and the beautiful floating Torii gate in Miyajima, definitely worth a visit. On hot summer days, I had an opportunity to go to the beach, which you can reach in 30 minutes by train from downtown.
Over all, Hiroshima has everything you need to live in the city, also there are some fun districts for all night long such as bars, clubs and Japanese bar restaurants called Izakaya. Furthermore, there are many cafes, parks and museums as well- you won’t get bored. The size of the city is just perfect. In the inner part, most of the things are easy to access by walk or bike.  Also you can take busses, street cars and use a metro if you need. Hiroshima is a good place to start if you would like to have an experience living in Japan without feeling of being lost.

● 広島市立大学ではどんな勉強をしましたか?
What did you study in Hiroshima City University?  How do you like about the lectures at HCU?

First term, I studied 3D Design (Product Design) and in the second term I studied mixed media and metal sculpture. I really loved the lectures I took for several reasons.  The approach here is completely different from my university in Hannover (my hometown back in Germany). Especially in 3D Design, students are encouraged to think ‘outside the box’, to express themselves more independently and individually than in Germany, which doesn’t need to stick to conventional ideas.  Also the university provides a lot of opportunities like workshops and well equipped work spaces with new technologies such as mac pool, 3D scanning and 3D printing. Furthermore, thanks to the small size of class, people get to know each other really quickly. Also the Japanese students are open-mind and always happy to help you. Even if communication might be a bit complicated for you in the beginning, everyone tries to explain things to you at the best in a cute ways. Nobody will let you down!

● 留学をした感想や、これから広島市立大学への留学を考えている学生にメッセージをお願いします。
Give us any comments either about your stay or any advises for future international students.

I had an amazing time here in Hiroshima and in Japan. My advice for the new students who is coming or want to come to HCU is ‘Go traveling!’ We traveled a lot during the time we’ve been here and it was always so much fun. You will get to know a lot of people, try various dishes and bring back full of inspiration in your backpack.  You deserve to lack of sleep by traveling. Also, be patient with yourself and with your surroundings. Being a foreigner who doesn’t understand the language can be not easy for you. You might get to feel tired at the first place, but that is how you learn a language and part of a culture. Most of the people around you will be heart-warming and sweet. So you don’t have to worry. Somebody will always offer you help. People here would be pleased when you share your experiences and your skills. You will get used to at some point their language, their society and how you behave. Everything is time goes by!