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受入留学生の体験記(2016年度 フランス・レンヌ第2大学)


Memory in Hiroshima
(Click the picture to enlarge)Trip to KyotoSnow at the dormitory
The beach in Hiroshima

Ibrahim Claraさん

[留学期間:2016年10月 ~2017年9月]

● 広島はどんな街でしたか?日本に留学中にどんな体験をしましたか?
What kind of impression did you get from Hiroshima City? Provide your special memories during your stay in Japan.

I think Hiroshima is a really peaceful city that you can enjoy good night life. There are several places really beautiful, like Miyajima, Iwakuni (in Yamaguchi Prefecture, but easy to access from Hiroshima) and Otake. It’s a city having deep history. The university is surrounded by mountains, which is not really convenient but it’s worth it for the beauty of the landscapes. Hiroshima is also located at the seaside, I have never seen such a place where you can have both mountains and the sea in just one city, and I think it’s pretty amazing.
The best memories I had is Hanami (cherry blossom viewing party). It was so much fun. We also traveled a lot with other exchange students, and the first trip was to Kyoto and Osaka. It is still one of the best memories for me.
We also had the chance to go to our friend’s grandparents’ ryokan nearby ocean. I spent three amazing days there, did some bonfire and did some fishing for dinner.

● 広島市立大学ではどんな勉強をしましたか?
What did you study in Hiroshima City University?  How do you like about the lectures at HCU?

In Hiroshima City University, I studied Oil Painting and Digital Media, as well as Cross-Cultural and Communication studies during my second semester. I learned a lot of things from the Oil Painting course. The teachers here are really flexible and helpful, and will make you feel welcomed.
I learned and improved a lot of my animation skills from the digital media course, and I recommend it if you’re into any kind of animation movies.  I studied 2D and stop motion short movies. It was really interesting and challenging. All the teachers and students are really nice and warm.
The cross cultural studies course provides in English by the amazing teacher. I’m really glad that I took the course which learns about culture differences. It helped me understand more deeply about Japan that I didn’t know before.

● 留学をした感想や、これから広島市立大学への留学を考えている学生にメッセージをお願いします。
Give us any comments either about your stay or any advises for future international students.

I really enjoyed this year in Hiroshima, thanks to other exchange students and the Japanese students who became our friends, but also the International Office who has been really kind and helpful to us all year long. If I would advise for new exchange students, try to enjoy yourself as much as you can, and don’t worry about the language problem. Time will tell you at some point. Don’t be scared to speak Japanese even if it’s not perfect as everyone will try to understand you and help you. And don’t hesitate to join club activities, they’re amazing. Ask for help if you need. Oh and don’t forget to eat some Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki. It’s the best. Have fun!