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  • ・Thank you so much for such a wonderfully engaging and inspiring program.  I hope more like  it are developed and that many more students will go on to benefit from these teachings.
  • ・ Very impressive to meet the Mayor of Hiroshima who was someone very open-minded with a great vision. 
  • ・I was really impressed by Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. We have not any moral right to repeat such tragedy in future. My way of thinking was completely changed when I visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.
  • ・ This course was full of the most important information about peacebuilding that can help me in my future work in the sphere of Eternal Peace construction.
  • ・The class composition of students from 15 contries really enhanced discussion and learning, and the Japanese students were so welcoming and supportive.
  • ・Getting to know and discuss with so many people from so many different contries. I also found the intercultural communication course at the beginning of the week very useful.
  • ・Great team, great support, professional organization, interesting material. Thank you.
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