2017 Photo Album

Day 1 

1. Japan Time

2. Japan Time
   3. Japan Time

4. Work Shop

5. Work Shop

6.Work Shop

7.Welcome Party

8.Welcome Party

9.Welcome Party
Day 2

10.Intercultural Communication

11.Intercultural Communication
12.Intercultural Communication

13.Intercultural Communication

14.The Manhattan Project

15.The Manhattan Project
16.The Atomic Bomb Myth 17.The Atomic Bomb Myth 18.Visit to the Mayor of Hiroshima
19.Visit to the Mayor of Hiroshima 20.Visit to the Mayor of Hiroshima 21.Visit to the Mayor of Hiroshima
22Visit to the Mayor of Hiroshima 23.Visit to the Mayor of Hiroshima 24.Visit to the Mayor of Hiroshima
Day 3
25.Hibakusha Testimony in English 26.Hibakusha Testimony in English 27.Transforming Tragedies into Tomorrow
28.Listening to Hibakusha Testimony 29.Listening to Hibakusha Testimony 30.Listening to Hibakusha Testimony
Day 4
  31.  Legacies of the 1995 Testimony of Hiroshima’s Mayor at the International Court of Justice 32.Hiroshima in an International Context 33.Hiroshima in an International Context
34.Hiroshima in an International Context 35.Korean Hibakusha Narratives 36.Native America & Nuclear Colonialism
Day 5
37.Peace Memorial Ceremony
38. Toronagashi
39.Atomic Bomb Dome in the Twilight
Day 6

40.Reflection on the First Week

41. Reflection on the First Week

42.Role of the Media in Peace Building
43.Role of the Media in Peace Building
44. Art in the Time of Catastrophe

45. Art in the Time of Catastrophe

46. Art in the Time of Catastrophe

47. Nuclear Power and Modernity

48. Nuclear Power and Modernity
Day 7

49. Peace Building and Hiroshima

50. Peace Building and Hiroshima

51. An Obstacle against Nuclear Weapons Abolition

52. An Obstacle against Nuclear Weapons Abolition

53. Group Project I
54. Group Project I
Day 8

55. Group Project II

56. Group Project II

57. Group Project II

58. Group Project II

59. Group Project II
60. Group Project II

61. Final Presentation

62.Final Presentation

63. Final Presentation

64. Final Presentation

65.Final Presentation

66. Final Presentation

67. Final Presentation

68.Final Presentation

69. Final Presentation

70. Final Presentation

71. Summary

72. Farewell

73. Farewell

74. Farewell

75. Farewell

76. Farewell

77. Farewell

78. Farewell

79. Farewell

80. Farewell

81. Farewell

82. Farewell

83. Farewell

84. Farewell

85. Farewell

86. Farewell

87. Farewell


  • ・Thank you so much for such a wonderfully engaging and inspiring program.  I hope more like  it are developed and that many more students will go on to benefit from these teachings.
  • ・ Very impressive to meet the Mayor of Hiroshima who was someone very open-minded with a great vision. 
  • ・I was really impressed by Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. We have not any moral right to repeat such tragedy in future. My way of thinking was completely changed when I visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.
  • ・ This course was full of the most important information about peacebuilding that can help me in my future work in the sphere of Eternal Peace construction.
  • ・The class composition of students from 15 contries really enhanced discussion and learning, and the Japanese students were so welcoming and supportive.
  • ・Getting to know and discuss with so many people from so many different contries. I also found the intercultural communication course at the beginning of the week very useful.
  • ・Great team, great support, professional organization, interesting material. Thank you.

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