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Vol. 19 No. 2 (March 2017)


  International Symposium “East Asia in Crisis: Searching for ‘A World without Nuclear Weapons’” (Takeshi Yuasa)
  Hello from HPI
  Second Lieutenant Onoda on Lubang Island: From Personal Notes Written by a Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines (Hitoshi Nagai)
  Report of HPI Research Project, Fiscal Year 2013-2015 “Human Security Project” and “Confidence and Security Building Measures Project” (Kazumi Mizumoto)
  HPI Public Lecture Series (Hyun Jin Son)
  2016 Hiroshima International Conference on the Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Initiative (NAPCI) (Hyun Jin Son)

Book Release Why We Can’t Eliminate Nuclear Weapons II  (Kazumi Mizumoto)





Vol. 19 No. 1 (July 2016)


   “Where Were You at That Time?”: Recollections of the Post-War Generation (Hiroshi Momose)
  Report of HPI Research Project, Fiscal Year 2013-2015: Nuclear Weapon & Disarmament Project (Kazumi Mizumoto)
  Attending NPT Review Conference and UN Conference on Disarmament Issues: My Three Years at Jogakuin Senior High School (Miku Tokuyama)
  HPI Research Forum (Hitoshi Nagai / Hyun Jin Son)

1st HPI English Language Lecture Series (Robert Jacobs)


Encyclopedia for Peace and Security Released (Makiko Takemoto)