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Vol. 15 No. 3 (March 2013)

  Towards the Convening of a Conference on the Establishment of a WMD-Free Zone in the Middle East (Hirofumi Tosaki)
  Robert Jungk's Message to the People of Hiroshima: On the Occasion of the Special Exhibition on Robert Jungk (Makiko Takemoto)
  My Approach to Peace Studies Vol. 4
    "The EU's Winning of the Nobel Peace Prize" (Atsuko Higashino)
  Myanmar's Rohingya Dilemma (Moe Thuzar)
  HPI Lecture Series for Citizens of Hiroshima (Second Term 2012) "Seeking Peace in Okinawa"
  HPI moved to HCU campus



Vol. 15 No. 2 (November 2012)

  HPI Co-hosted International Symposium with Nagasaki University and Chugoku Shimbun (Kazumi Mizumoto)
  The Opening of RECNA: To Become a New Hub for the Realization of a World without Nuclear Weapons (Satoshi Hirose)
  HPI Lecture Series for Citizens of Hiroshima (First Term 2012) "The Present Trend of the Democratization in the World"
  My Approach to Peace Studies Vol. 3
    "Peace Studies for Me Means Peace Psychology and Peace Education" (Takehiko Ito)



Vol. 15 No. 1 (July 2012)

  Forty Years since the Reversion of Okinawa: Where Has Justice Gone? (Masaaki Gabe)
  A Visit to Kaminoseki after 3/11 (Masae Yuasa)
  What Are the Intentions of North Korea? (Yeongho Kim)
  My Approach to Peace Studies Vol. 2
    "Viewing the World by Uncovering 'Hidden Realities': No Peace without Justice" (Nobuo Kazashi)


Vol. 14 No. 3 (March 2012)

  Examining the Dangers of the Civilian Use of Nuclear Energy: International Symposium "Exploring the Roles of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Japan" (Kazumi Mizumoto)
  My Approach to Peace Studies Vol. 1
    "Rethinking Peace from Hiroshima" (Nobuyuki Kakigi)
  Keys to Understanding the Arab Spring (Masaki Uno)
  HPI Lecture Series for Citizens of Hiroshima (Second Yerm 2011) "Nuclear Energy and Japanese Society: Historical Analysis and Prospects"


Vol. 14 No. 2 (November 2011)

  The Accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, and the Legal Responsibility of Tepco (Nobuo Kojima)
  The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident, Black Rain and Death Ash (Hiroko Takahashi)
  An American Artist in Hiroshima (elin o'Hara slavick)
  Experiences of Anti-nuclear Movements: Differences between Japan and Germany (Makiko Takemoto)
  The 2011 Thai General Election and Its Implications (Narayanan Ganesan)
  HPI Lecture Series for Citizens of Hiroshima (First Yerm 2011) "Thinking about Nagasaki"


Vol. 14 No. 1 (July 2011)

  Post-earthquake Aid Operations and the Role of Citizens (Hiroshi Kunita)
  What We Must Know Now: Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Acciedent and Radiation Protection (Mamoru Terauchi and Kaede Terauchi)

The Global Hibakusha Project (Robert Jacobs)


Revolutions in the Arab World and Their Implications in East Asia (Sung Chull Kim)


The Sinking of the Cheonan and East Asian Community Debates: North Korea's Place in the Region (Mikyoung Kim)

  New HPI Website Launched / Diary


Vol. 13 No. 3 (March 2011)

  My Six Years at Hiroshima Peace Institute (Motofumi Asai)
  The Myanmar Elections of 2010 (Tin Maung Maung Than)

HPI Lecture Series for Citizens of Hiroshima (Second Term 2010)


Peace Born Out of Tolerance: A Legacy of Alfredo Bunye (Hitoshi Nagai)


Reflections from Hiroshima Vol. 16


To Live for the Anti-nuclear Peace Movement (Mitsuo Sato, Director of the Japan Peace Committee)



Vol. 13 No. 2 (November 2010) 

  International Symposium on Nuclear Abolition (Kazumi Mizumoto) 
  Reflections from Hiroshima Vol. 15 
    Looking Back upon the 9th World Conference against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs (Makoto Kitanishi, Emeritus Professor at Hiroshima University)
  Hibakusha, Myself, and Hiroshima City University (Taeko Kiriya) 
  HPI Research Project: 
    State Violence and Regime Transition in East Asia
  New Publications from HPI 


Vol. 13 No. 1 (July 2010)

  The 2010 NPT Review Conference and Future Tasks (Kazumi Mizumoto)
  Forthcoming International Symposium
  The Iranian Nuclear Issue and the NPT Regime (Shintaro Yoshimura)
  HPI Lecture Series for Citizens of Hiroshima (First Term 2010)
  HPI Research Projects:
    Culture and Collective Memory in Northeast Asia
    The Formation, Development and Issues of "Peace Constitution" Theory in Postwar Japan
  Reflections from Hiroshima Vol. 14
    The Past 40 Years of the Movement against A and H Bombs in Hiroshima (Yukio Yokohara, Former Secretary-General of the Hiroshima Council against A-and-H Bombs)
  New Face at HPI