Why We Can't Eliminate Nuclear Weapons II

Supervised by the Hiroshima Peace Institute, Hiroshima City University (Horitsu Bunka Sha, 2016)


Encyclopedia for Peace and Security

Supervised by the Hiroshima Peace Institute, Hiroshima City University (Horitsu Bunka Sha, 2016)


The Dragon's Tail (Japanese edition)

Supervised by Hiroko Takahashi and translated by Jun Nitta (Gaifusha Publishing Inc., 2013)


State Violence in East Asia

Edited by Narayanan Ganesan and Sung Chull Kim (University Press of Kentucky, 2013)


International Relations in Southeast Asia: Between Bilateralism and Multilateralism

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Northeast Asia's Difficult Past: Essays in Collective Memory  

Edited by Mikyoung Kim and Barry Schwartz (Palgrave Macmillan Memory Studies, 2010)


Filling the Hole in the Nuclear Future: Art and Popular Culture Respond to the Bomb

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East Asia's Relations with a Rising China

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The Dragon's Tail: Americans Face the Atomic Age

Edited by Robert Jacobs (University of Massachusetts Press, 2010)


Kaku wa haizetsu dekiruka: Kaku kakusan 10nen no doko to roncho
[Can Nuclear Abolition be Achieved: The Course and Discourse of the Past Decade of Nuclear Proliferation] (Japanese only)

Edited by Kazumi Mizumoto (Horitsubunka-sha, 2009)


Engagement with North Korea: A Viable Alternative

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Bombing Civilians: A Twentieth-century History

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Myanmar: State, Society, and Ethnicity

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Senso hanzai no kozo

[Patterns of War Crimes] (Japanese only)

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Regional Cooperation and Its Enemies in Northeast Asia

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21 seiki no kaku gunshuku: Hiroshima karano hasshin (Japanese edition)
Nuclear Disarmament in the 21st Century: A Message from Hiroshima (English edition)

Japanese edition: Edited by Hiroshima Peace Institute (Horitsubunkasha, 2002)

English edition: Edited by Wade L. Huntley, Kazumi Mizumoto and Mitsuru Kurosawa (Hiroshima Peace Institute, 2004)

Jindo kiki to kokusai kainyu: Heiwa kaifuku no shohosen
[Humanitarian Crisis and International Intervention: Formulae for Restoring Peace] (Japanese only)

Edited by Hiroshima Peace Institute (Yushindo, 2003)