July 23, 2016

Security Challenges and Agendas in East Asia: Searching for "A World without Nuclear Weapons"


July 20, 2015

Seventy Years After Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Nuclear Abolition and Passing on Atomic Bomb Survivors' Accounts of the Atrocities


Aug. 2, 2014

Confidence-building as a step toward abolishing nuclear weapons: Pursuing measures to energize the 2015 NPT Review Conference


Dec. 7, 2013

Transmitting the Experiences of Hiroshima & Nagasaki to Future Generations


Jul. 28, 2012

Promoting a Nuclear-Free Northeast Asia: The Pursuit of a Nuclear-Free World from Hiroshima and Nagasaki 


Nov. 19, 2011

"Exploring the Roles of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Japan: In the Wake of the 3/11 Nuclear Power Plant Disaster"


Jul. 31, 2010

"What Should We Do to Advance Nuclear Abolition?: Reflections on the 2010 NPT Review Conference"

Dec. 5, 2009

"Hiroshima Strives for Nuclear Abolition: Pursuing Measures to Energize the 2010 NPT Review Conference"

Aug. 2, 2008

"Approaching Nuclear Abolition from Hiroshima: Empowering the World to Impact the 2010 NPT Review Conference"

Aug. 5, 2007

"Re-committing to Nuclear Disarmament: From Central Asia to East Asia"


Jul. 30, 2005

"Hiroshima and the Peace Constitution: Building on Our Past" (Jul. 30) / Lectures (Jul. 27, 28) 

Mar. 19, 2005 (Workshop)
"A Re-examination of the NPT Regime: Proposals from Hiroshima and Nagasaki"

Jul. 31, 2004

"Reflections of the Enola Gay: Symbolic Representation of War, 1945-2004"

Aug. 2, 2003
"Terror from the Sky: Indiscriminate Bombing from Hiroshima to Today"


Aug. 3, 2002
"Competing Memories of Hiroshima: Quest for a New Role of 'Hiroshima' for Peace and Reconciliation in the 21st Century"

Jul. 28, 2001

"Where Does 'Unequivocal Undertaking' Stand?: The Current Situations and Japan's Responsibilities in Eliminating Nuclear Weapons"

Jul. 29, 2000

"Nuclear Disarmament in the 21st Century"


Dec. 15-17, 1999

"Korea and the Search for Peace in Northeast Asia" (2)

Oct. 7, 1999

"Reconciliation in Europe: The Road to Regional Cooperation and Security"

Sep. 18, 1999

"Endeavors for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons: What the Tokyo Forum Has Achieved and What Still Remains to Be Done"


Jul. 2-3, 1999 (Workshop)

"Cooperation on the Korean Peninsula: Japan-U.S.-China Framework Critical for the Stability on the Korean Peninsula" 


Dec. 9-11, 1998

"Korea and the Search for Peace in Northeast Asia" (1)


Aug. 30, 1998 - Jul. 25, 1999     

The Tokyo Forum for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament

Jul. 9, 1998

HPI Opening Symposium "World Disarmament Issues: Towards the 21st Century"