In order to promote international exchanges in research and education, we welcome international students and offer various support such as offering classes on the Japanese language and culture and providing information on scholarships so that they can settle quickly and have a comfortable life.


Support for international students is provided by the International Exchange Promotion Center. If you have any questions (including consultations about everyday life, visas, and scholarships), please feel free to ask the staff at the Center.


[Change/renewal of Status of Residence]

An application for extention of the period of stay is accepted from three months prior to the expiration date of the current period of stay. Please make sure that you take the necessary procedures well in advance.


[Enrollment in the National Health Insurance]

All international students who reside in Japan must join the National Health Insurance. When going to the City Hall or its branch office for the registration of residence, you need to take necessary procedures for enrollment in the National Health Insurance by which medical expenses are reduced by 70%. Insurance premiums must be paid each month.


[Enrollment confirmation]

For the purpose of securing the means of safety confirmation and communication in the case of disaster, we confirm students' enrollment/attendance status on a regular basis. You need to complete an International Student Registration Form and submit it to the University every six months (at the beginning of each semester). When you leave Hiroshima Prefecture for one week or more, or temporarily leave Japan, you are also required to submit a Notification of Travel.



Please see "Scholarships and funding".