Department of Biomedical Information Sciences

Faculty of Information Sciences
Department of Biomedical Information Sciences


A multidisciplinary, rich professional education

with basic instruction on ICT and beyond


The Department of Biomedical Information Sciences aims to create a rich , safe, and secure society by developing human resources capable of reaching beyond the existing framework of academic systems to grapple with the varied problems facing modern society in medicine, life, and the environment. The department intends to achieve this by teaching the expertise and techniques of fields merged with ICT(Information and communications technology), such as medical and biological information as well as optical and electronic measurement.


●Faculty information
Position Name Research Field
Professor TAKANO, Yu Computational biophysics
Associate Professor NAKANO, Yasuhisa Visual Information Engineering
Associate Professor KUGIMIYA, Akimitsu Bioengineering
Lecturer KOHDA, Jiro Bioengineering
Research Associate SAITO, Toru Computational Chemistry
Professor MASUTANI, Yoshitaka

Medical Imaging

Computational Anatomy

Associate Professor AOYAMA, Masahito Medical Image Diagnostic Support
Associate Professor FUJIWARA, Hisashi Optical Information Engineering
Professor SHIKIDA, Mitsuhiro MEMS and Medical Engineering
Lecturer TANIGUCHI, Kazuhiro Medical Robotics
Research Associate HASEGAWA, Yoshihiro Micromechanics
Professor HIWAKI, Osamu Biomedical Science and Engineering
Associate Professor FUKUDA, Hiroshi Computational Neuroscience
Lecturer TOKIWA , Tatsuji Biomedical Engineering
Professor TANAKA, Hirokazu Theory and applications of modulation 
Research Associate HATAKEYAMA, Yasutaka Multimedia database