Hiroshima Peace Institute

The hub of wisdom in an international city of peace and culture, Hiroshima

As a university located in the first atomic-bombed city, Hiroshima City University (HCU) contains the affiliated Hiroshima Peace Institute (HPI) which was established on April 1, 1998. Through academic research the institute is focused on contributing to nuclear abolition, the achievement of sustainable global peace, and the development of local society.

Contribution to education, local communities and the world

The research activities of HPI are disseminated through academic publications and conferences, its website, newsletter, and public events including symposia, public lecture series and research forums. Educationally, the research staff of HPI pass on their research outcomes teaching in both undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as the intensive summer course "HIROSHIMA & PEACE".


HPI Research Forum


HPI Public Lecture Series

Position Name Research Area
HPI Director KIKKAWA, Gen
Peace studies, international relations, international security, preventive diplomacy
HPI Vice-Director (Professor) MIZUMOTO, Kazumi
International relations, nuclear disarmament, security studies
Associate Professor
FUKUI, Yasuhito International public law, international Relations (international security studies)
Professor  GANESAN, Narayanan Southeast Asian politics, international relations
JACOBS, Robert A. The history of nuclear technologies and radiation technopolitics
Associate Professor
KAWAKAMI, Akihiro Constitutional law, peace studies
NAGAI, Hitoshi Modern Japanese history, Japan-Philippines relations
NAONO, Akiko Sociology, Hiroshima memoryscape, trauma theory, war redress policy
Associate Professor
SON, Hyun Jin International law, North Korean issue, situation on the Korean Peninsula
Associate Professor
XU, Xianfen History of Japan-China relations, international relations in East Asia, international cooperation studies
Associate Professor
TAKEMOTO, Makiko Modern and contemporary German history, the history of peace philosophies and peace movements
YUASA, Takeshi Regional organizations, political change, and security in the post-Soviet area


The Hiroshima Peace Institute (Administrative Office)
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E-mail: office-peace&peace.hiroshima-cu.ac.jp
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