Information for Students from Abroad


For the purpose of internationalizing the education and research at HCU, the University welcomes overseas students who may be accepted based on entrance examinations. The application period is usually late January and the examinations take place between late February and mid-March. For more details, please contact the Admissions Office ( nyushi&, Phone:+81-(0)82-830-1503, Fax:+81-(0)82-830-1823 ). 
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HCU also accepts non-degree-seeking research students who conduct research on a specified theme under the supervision of an assigned supervisor, which is not designed to award a formal degree or qualification. Those who wish to apply for a place should contact a prospective supervisor to obtain personal acceptance before submitting a completed application form to the University. The selection process is conducted by means of screening the applications, and an interview may be arranged where assumed necessary.

  Undergraduate Research Fellows
Application fee 17,000 yen 9,800 yen
Enrollment fee 423,000 yen 126,900 yen
Annual tuition fee 535,800 yen 356,400 yen

* Additionally, you should expect to spend approximately 30,000 to 50,000 yen for textbooks per year.


【Scholarships and fee remission】

There are scholarships offered by the local government or private organizations are available for overseas students. HCU may offer fee remissions depending on the financial circumstances and academic performance of the applicant. 

【Student dormitory】

The University has a student dormitory which can accommodate 24 male and 24 female overseas students for an annual rate of 70,800 yen (excluding electricity and water bills), which is approximately one eighth of the average rent in the area around HCU. For further information, please contact the Academic and Student Affairs Office ( kyo-gaku&, Phone:+81-(0)82-830-1522, Fax:+81-(0)82-830-1823 ). (*Please replace & with @)

Student dormitory



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