Graduate School of Arts(Doctor's Program)

Graduate School of Arts: Doctoral Degree Program

Graduate School of Arts
Department of Painting (Master’s Degree Program)
Department of Sculpture (Master’s Degree Program)
Department of Design and Applied Arts (Master’s Degree Program)
Comprehensive Design and Arts (Doctoral Degree Program)

Advanced degrees in education and research in the arts for the promotion of local culture through professional creative practices.

Education and Research Features

  1. A rigorous and dynamic research and education program further developing professionals in creative practices, placing importance on classics studies, and creating interpretations of traditional art and culture through a contemporary perspective.
  2. An innovative program, pioneering new mediums and techniques to promote expressions compatible with a society oriented towards digital media.
  3. Fostering the integration of advanced theoretical perspectives and advanced technical training for the production and application of creative expression.
  4. Promoting local culture and international cultural exchange through art and culture, as well as providing education and research to support students in taking on leadership roles in society and the arts.



Education and Research Outline

In the Master’s degree program, students focus on artistic expressions in their chosen field. At the doctorate level, students are expected to further their level of specialization in each field, placing greater emphasis on cross-departmental and theoretical education and research.
For this reason, the doctoral course is not divided into several departments as in the master’s course, but functions as a single program under the rubric, “Comprehensive Design and Arts”.


Faculty members

●Comprehensive Design and Arts
Division Position: Name
Japanese-Style Painting Professor:WARAYA, Minoru
Associate Professor:IMAMURA, Masahiro
Associate Professor:MAEDA, Tsutomu
Associate Professor:ARAKI, Kyouko
Oil Painting

Professor:OHYA, Hideo
Professor:MORINAGA, Shoji
Associate Professor : SUWA, Atsushi

Associate Professor :SHIMIZU Jiou

Sculpture Professor:MAEKAWA, Yoshiharu
Professor:ITO, Toshimitsu
Professor:WORTHEN, Charles
Design Professor:YOSHIDA, Yukihiro(Product Design)
Professor:OIKAWA, Hisao(Visual Communication Design)
Professor:KASAHARA, Hiroshi(Digital Media)
Applied Arts Professor:MINAMI, Masanobu(Metal Design)

Professor:KURAUCHI, Hiroshi(Textiles)
Professor:NAGAMI, Fumito(Metal Design)
Associate Professor:OHTSUKA, Tomotsugu(Lacquer Arts)
Associate Professor:NODA,Mutsumii(Textiles)

Contemporary Art Professor:EBISAWA, Tatsuo
Art History & Theory

Professor:SEKIMURA, Makoto
Associate Professor:JOUICHI, Mariko
Associate Professor:ISHIMATSU, Noriko

As of April 1, 2012
You can choose a supervisor only from full professors.

*Any faculty member marked with an asterisk* is scheduled to retire in March, 2014.