The Department of Systems Engineering

Graduate School of Information Sciences: Doctoral Degree Program
Department of Systems Engineering

― The development of user-friendly systems ―
Our goals are to research and build skills to integrate large-scale complex systems and the advancement of information communication and interface systems.

Course Description

●Control and Mathematical Systems

There is an increasingly high demand for energy conservation and the study of environmental issues. This requires skills to integrate large-scale and more complex systems of design, analysis and operation, and also a comprehensive and global outlook on humanity, society and the environment as a whole. In the area of control and mathematical systems, students are expected to acquire the abilities to understand and analyze phenomena through comprehensive and interdisciplinary studies relating to engineering, information and mathematics. We offer students learning and research opportunities in mathematical systems, system optimization, stochastic processes, estimation theory, nonlinear optimization techniques, and neural networks. We further conduct teaching and research in related topics such as analysis of mathematical systems, stability analysis of control systems, control systems design, system identification, optimal control, adaptive control, acoustic analysis, the optimization of energy conversion systems and system integration techniques.

●Communication and Interface Systems

Hardware and software technologies of large-scale communication and broadcasting systems have recently seen dramatic advancements. This rapid advancement requires applied computer skills and system integration techniques in various industrial and societal situations. For information communication technologies to transmit and process information, we offer areas of study in the structure of signal-processing hardware and its application to digital broadcasting. Another specialization focuses on the design of user interface systems. We also offer a specialization which conducts research and teaching in research and development, reliability enhancement and technological optimization of embedded systems for products such as automobiles, cellular phones and home appliances.


Faculty members

Teaching and Research Unit Primary Teaching Area Position: Name
Human-Robot Symbiosis
Modeling and Control of Dynamic Systems Professor:KOBAYASHI, Yasuhide*
MotionMedia Contents Sharing Technology and its Application for Communication Robot Professor:IWAKI, Satoshi*
Construction of Acoustical Analysis / Control Systems Professor:ISHIMITSU, Shunsuke*
Stochastic Control Theory and its Application Professor:TANAKA, Teruo*
Robot Vision and Man-Machine Interface Professor:LI, Shigang*
Design of Intelligent Control Systems Associate Professor:KOSAKI, Takahiro
Design and Control of Man-Machine Systems Associate Professor:ONO, Takahiko
Intelligent Robotics based on Human Activity Understanding Lecturer:IKEDA, Tetsushi
Interface Design Verification and Optimization of Real-Time Embedded Software Professor:NAKATA, Akio*
Analysis and Synthesis of Communication and Signal Processing Circuits Professor:FUJISAKA, Hisato*
Dependable Distributed System Associate Professor:SHIMA, Kazuyuki
Optimization of Embedded System using Evolutionary Computation Associate Professor:MURATA, Yoshihiro
Acquisition of Environmental Information and its Application to the Control Associate Professor:FUKUSHIMA, Masaru

As of April 1, 2017(*Supervisor)