Graduate School of Information Sciences: Doctoral Degree Program
Department of Intelligent Systems

This course investigates the nature of the human intellect, the complexities of sophisticated information processing systems, and the interaction between humans and computers.

Course description

●Intelligent Software

Intelligent Software examines humankind and other forms of existence as well as the abundance of data and the nature of characters and numerals. It also involves research and development in user-friendly, intelligent and advanced information systems and related fundamental technologies. This course consists of three specializations: 1) Knowledge and Kansei Engineering which examines artificial intelligence and emotions. 2) Data engineering which examines techniques for discovering knowledge from a surplus of content and data and for the sophistication of databases; and 3) Intelligence systems which examine evolutionary computation based on biological evolution and neural networks built on the cranial nervous system.

●Intelligent Media

Intelligent media involves the research and development of media information processing technologies and related theories needed to understand images, videos, sound and texts found in communication. This course consists of four specializations. The first two are visual computing and natural language communication, which focus on the realization of natural and sophisticated communication between humans and computers. The other two are intelligence media engineering and pattern recognition, which pertain to theories of knowledge acquisition and their applications in various forms of media and principles of machinery.

●Intelligent Science


Faculty members

Teaching and Research Unit Primary Teaching Area Position: Name
Intelligent Software
Intelligent Tutoring System and Kansei Engineering Professor:MATSUBARA, Yukihiro*
Knowledge Representation and Acquisition in Education Learning Systems Associate Professor:IWANE, Noriyuki
Knowledge Discovery Systems from Databases Based on Graph Theory Associate Professor:UCHIDA, Tomoyuki
Application of Machine Learning Methods and Graph Theory to Knowledge Discovery Associate Professor:MIYAHARA, Tetsuhiro
Multi-Dimensional Databases and its Applications Associate Professor:KUROKI, Susumu
Parallel Computing and its Applications to Data Engineering Associate Professor:TAMURA, Keiichi
Intelligent Media
Knowledge Processing and Machine Learning for Pattern Information Professor:TAKAHASHI, Kenichi*
Spoken Language Processing and Natural Language Processing Professor:TAKEZAWA, Toshiyuki*
Image Processing and Visualization as Media Professor:HIURA, Shinsaku*
Information Access and Language Processing Associate Professor:NANBA, Hidetsugu
Image Understanding for Computer Graphics Associate Professor:MIYAZAKI, Daisuke
3D Data Modeling from Images Associate Professor:FURUKAWA, Ryo
High Definition Computer Graphics Lecturer:BABA, Masashi
Intelligent Science
Knowledge Representation and Machine Learning in Intelligent Systems Professor:TAKAHAMA, Tetsuyuki*
Modeling of Biological Adaptive Systems and its Applications Associate Professor:HARA, Akira
Optimization Techniques Based on Soft Computing Lecturer:KUSHIDA, Junichi
Statistical Mechanical Informatics and its Applications Professor:MIMURA, Kazushi
Nonparametric Bayesian Time Series Analysis Associate Professor:SUEMATSU, Nobuo
Stochastic Analysis of Learning Machines Associate Professor:IWATA, Kazunori

As of April 1, 2016(*Supervisor)