Doctoral Degree Program

As global information infrastructures continue to develop, there is a need for researchers and engineers who are highly competitive, globally aware and who have the foresight to predict paradigmatic shifts. These specialists will be trained in aspects beyond just a conventional PhD program. Students will be able to research specialized areas, and gain practical and critical thinking skills. Students are expected to work independently and to explore and take on challenging issues, through practical research in collaboration with local communities.
Our PhD programs focus on responding to the demands of the 21st century, furthering research and development and practical problem-solving skills. Depending on the thesis topic, our department offers a PhD in Information Sciences or a PhD in Information Engineering.


Faculty members

●Department of Computer and Network Engineering
Teaching and Research Unit Primary Teaching Area Position: Name
Computer Engineering Design and Analysis of Logic Circuits and Systems Professor:WAKABAYASHI, Shinichi*
Design and Application of Reconfigurable Systems Professor:HIRONAKA, Tetsuo*
Dependable Computing Professor:INOUE, Tomoo*
Logic Design and Switching Theory Professor:NAGAYAMA, Shinobu
VLSI-CAD/EDA Associate Professor:ICHIHARA, Hideyuki
Network Engineering Design of Network Software for Communication Services Professor:KAKUDA, Yoshiaki*
High Reliability Communication Services, Advancement of Communication Protocols Professor:ISHIDA, Kenji*
Wireless Network Systems Professor:NISHI, Masahiro
Mobile Networks Associate Professor:OHTA, Tomoyuki
Design and Application of Network Architecture and Protocol Associate Professor:INOUE, Hiroyuki
Network Software for Autonomous Decentralized Control Associate Professor:FUNASAKA, Jun-ichi
Design and Advancement of Communication Network Control Associate Professor: OBATA, Hiroyasu
Network Security Associate Professor: KOHNO, Eitaro
Communication Science Engineering Network Architecture and Multimedia Communications Professor:MAEDA, Kaori*
Autonomous Decentralized Network Control Mechanism Associate Professor:TAKANO, Chisa
Study of Light Sensors and Radiation Sensors, and Building of Sensor Systems Associate Professor:TANAKA, Koichi
3D Atomic Imaging Science for Advanced Sensor Materials Development Associate Professor:HAPPO, Naohisa
Radio Systems, Radio Communications, and Network Systems Associate Professor:TAKAHASHI, Satoshi
●Department of Intelligent Systems
Teaching and Research Unit Primary Teaching Area Position: Name
Intelligent Software
Intelligent Tutoring System and Kansei Engineering Professor:MATSUBARA, Yukihiro*
Knowledge Representation and Acquisition in Education Learning Systems Associate Professor:IWANE, Noriyuki
Knowledge Discovery Systems from Databases Based on Graph Theory Associate Professor:UCHIDA, Tomoyuki
Application of Machine Learning Methods and Graph Theory to Knowledge Discovery Associate Professor:MIYAHARA, Tetsuhiro
Multi-Dimensional Databases and its Applications Associate Professor:KUROKI, Susumu
Parallel Computing and its Applications to Data Engineering Associate Professor:TAMURA, Keiichi
Intelligent Media
Knowledge Processing and Machine Learning for Pattern Information Professor:TAKAHASHI, Kenichi*
Spoken Language Processing and Natural Language Processing Professor:TAKEZAWA, Toshiyuki*
Image Processing and Visualization as Media Professor:HIURA, Shinsaku*
Information Access and Language Processing Associate Professor:NANBA, Hidetsugu
Image Understanding for Computer Graphics Associate Professor:MIYAZAKI, Daisuke
3D Data Modeling from Images Associate Professor:FURUKAWA, Ryo
High Definition Computer Graphics Lecturer:BABA, Masashi
Intelligent Science
Knowledge Representation and Machine Learning in Intelligent Systems Professor:TAKAHAMA, Tetsuyuki*
Statistical Mechanical Informatics and its Applications Professor:MIMURA, Kazushi*
Modeling of Biological Adaptive Systems and its Applications Associate Professor:HARA, Akira
Optimization Techniques Based on Soft Computing Lecturer:KUSHIDA, Junichi
Nonparametric Bayesian Time Series Analysis Associate Professor:SUEMATSU, Nobuo
Stochastic Analysis of Learning Machines Associate Professor:IWATA, Kazunori
●Department of Systems Engineering
Teaching and Research Unit Primary Teaching Area Position: Name
Human-Robot Symbiosis
Modeling and Control of Dynamic Systems Professor:KOBAYASHI, Yasuhide*
MotionMedia Contents Sharing Technology and its Application for Communication Robot Professor:IWAKI, Satoshi*
Construction of Acoustical Analysis / Control Systems Professor:ISHIMITSU, Shunsuke*
Stochastic Control Theory and its Application Professor:TANAKA, Teruo*
Robot Vision and Man-Machine Interface Professor:LI, Shigang*
Design of Intelligent Control Systems Associate Professor:KOSAKI, Takahiro
Design and Control of Man-Machine Systems Associate Professor:ONO, Takahiko
Intelligent Robotics based on Human Activity Understanding Lecturer:IKEDA, Tetsushi
Interface Design Verification and Optimization of Real-Time Embedded Software Professor:NAKATA, Akio*
Analysis and Synthesis of Communication and Signal Processing Circuits Professor:FUJISAKA, Hisato*
Dependable Distributed System Associate Professor:SHIMA, Kazuyuki
Optimization of Embedded System using Evolutionary Computation Associate Professor:MURATA, Yoshihiro
Acquisition of Environmental Information and its Application to the Control Associate Professor:FUKUSHIMA, Masaru
●Department of Biomedical Information Sciences
Primary Teaching Area Position: Name
Computational study of metalloprotein and its application Professor:TAKANO, Yu*
Computational Anatomy and Medical Image Understanding Professor:MASUTANI, Yoshitaka*
MEMS and Medical Engineering Professor:SHIKIDA, Mitsuhiro*
Biomedical System and its Application Professor:HIWAKI, Osamu*
Development of biosensors for diagnosis of diseases Associate Professor:KUGIMIYA, Akimitsu
Principles of Visual Information Processing and its Application to Visual Information Metrics Associate Professor:NAKANO, Yasuhisa
Medical Image Processing for Computer-Aided Diagnosis Associate Professor:AOYAMA, Masahito
Computational Study of Brain Function Associate Professor:FUKUDA, Hiroshi

As of April 1, 2017(*Supervisor)