The Department of Biomedical Information Sciences

Graduate School of Information Sciences: Master's Degree Program
Department of Biomedical Information Sciences

This department focuses on the integration of information sciences, physics, chemistry, biology and neuroscience to establish a new stage of “Monozukuri” which has the flexibility to meet the evolving trends of the times.

Course description

With Monozukuri, the Japanese art of creative manufacturing, as a leading principle, the teaching and research in our department is interdisciplinary. We cover a wide range of sciences such as information sciences, physics, chemistry, biology and neuroscience. Through these courses students will acquire the essential skills of flexibility and adaptability. Students will also learn cutting-edge computer skills and develop intensive knowledge related to scientific technologies.
Our research interests are extensive and extend to the frontiers of the field. They range from semiconductor devices, the development of nano-structured materials and their theoretical and mechanical analysis, the measurement and analysis of brain functions and their engineering applications, to the analysis of the mechanics of environmental problems, environmental restoration, and the development of future energy sources.


Faculty members

Division Position: Name
Biological Information Science and Engineering Professor:TAKANO, Yu
Associate Professor:NAKANO, Yasuhisa
Associate Professor:KUGIMIYA, Akimitsu
Lecturer:KOHDA, Jiro
Research Associate:SAITO, Toru
Medical Imaging Professor:MASUTANI, Yoshitaka
Associate Professor:AOYAMA, Masahito
Associate Professor:FUJIWARA, Hisashi
Medical Robots Professor:SHIKIDA, Mitsuhiro
Lecturer:TANIGUCHI, Kazuhiro
Research Associate:HASEGAWA, Yoshihiro
Brain Sciences and Technologies Professor:HIWAKI, Osamu
Associate Professor:FUKUDA, Hiroshi
Lecturer:TOKIWA, Tatsuji
Medical and healthcare ICT Professor:TANAKA, Hirokazu
Research Associate:HATAKEYAMA, Yasutaka