The Department of Systems Engineering

Graduate School of Information Sciences: Master's Degree Program
Department of Systems Engineering

This department researches and strives towards the advancement of user friendly systems which foster a harmonious relationship between humans, computers and mechanical systems.

Course description

Our department aims to develop cutting-edge user friendly systems in order to create an ideal and comfortable environment as society continues to advance. We teach and research comprehensive skills and techniques, creating applications to further optimize human robot-interaction. Students are able to gain a vast array of knowledge: from system control and robotics to communication systems, interfaces and mathematical sciences. Our department offers students the opportunity to study these subjects to help them discover practical solutions to problems related to systems engineering. Students will have the chance to become creative and practical engineers and researchers, gaining a broad perspective and a strong awareness of the world around them.


Faculty members

Division Position: Name
Mechatronics Professor:LI, Shigang
Associate Professor:KOSAKI, Takahiro
Research Associate:KOSAKU, Toshiharu
Research Associate:ATSUUMI, Keita
Intelligent Control Systems Professor:KOBAYASHI, Yasuhide
Associate Professor:ONO, Takahiko
Research Associate:SAITO, Mitsuyuki
Research Associate:WAKITA, Wataru
Robotics Professor:IWAKI, Satoshi
Lecturer:IKEDA, Tetsushi
Research Associate:TAKAI, Hiroyuki
Communications and Signal Processing Professor:FUJISAKA, Hisato
Associate Professor:FUKUSHIMA, Masaru
Associate Professor:KUWATA, Seiichi
Lecturer:KAMIO, Takeshi
Research Associate:TSUJI, Katsuhiro
Embedded Design Professor:NAKATA, Akio
Associate Professor:SHIMA, Kazuyuki
Associate Professor:SOSHI, Masakazu
Associate Professor:MURATA, Yoshihiro
Research Associate:SATO, Yasuomi
Sound Design Professor:ISHIMITSU, Shunsuke
Research Associate:TAKAHASHI, Yuzo
Research Associate:NAKAYAMA, Masashi
System Interface Research Associate:KAWAMOTO, Kayo
Mathematical Sciences Professor:TANAKA, Teruo
Lecturer:HIROKADO, Masayuki
Lecturer:OKAYAMA, Tomoaki