The Department of Intelligent Systems

Graduate School of Information Sciences: Master's Degree Program
Department of Intelligent Systems

The aim of this department is to provide advanced teaching and research focusing on the processing and systematic organization of intelligent information in order to manage various forms of communication in our knowledge-based society.

Course Description

Our department offers advanced-level teaching and research. It focuses on the processing and systematic organization of intelligent and information communication. It also covers various aspects related to intelligent information processing, such as basic theories and methods of information processing, elemental technologies unique to our knowledge-based society and their applications.


Faculty members

Division Position: Name
Knowledge Engineering Professor:MATSUBARA, Yukihiro
Associate Professor:IWANE, Noriyuki
Lecturer:OKAMOTO, Masaru
Data Engineering Associate Professor:TAMURA, Keiichi
Associate Professor:KUROKI, Susumu
Research Associate:MORI, Yasuma
Machine Learning Associate Professor:MIYAHARA, Tetsuhiro
Associate Professor:UCHIDA, Tomoyuki
Research Associate:SUZUKI, Yusuke
Image Media Engineering and Computer Graphics Professor:HIURA, Shinsaku
Associate Professor:FURUKAWA, Ryo
Associate Professor:MIYAZAKI, Daisuke
Lecturer:BABA, Masashi
Language and Speech Research Professor:TAKEZAWA, Toshiyuki
Associate Professor:NANBA, Hidetsugu
Research Associate:MERA, Kazuya
Research Associate:KUROSAWA, Yoshiaki
Intelligent Media Engineering Professor:TAKAHASHI, Kenichi
Research Associate:INABA, Michimasa
Intelligent Computing and Systems Professor:TAKAHAMA, Tetsuyuki
Associate Professor:HARA, Akira
Lecturer:KUSHIDA, Jun-ichi
Pattern Recognition Professor:MIMURA, Kazushi
Associate Professor:SUEMATSU, Nobuo
Associate Professor:IWATA, Kazunori
Intelligent Mathematics Professor:SATO, Manabu
Associate Professor:SEKINE, Mitsuhiro
Associate Professor: SAITO, Natsuo