The Department of Computer and Network Engineering

Graduate School of Information Sciences: Master's Degree Program
Department of Computer and Network Engineering

The aim of this department is to research the elemental technologies of computers and networks, their applications, and the creation of next-generation computers and networks.


Course Description

Our teaching and research focuses on practical knowledge in our rapidly advancing information society, including computer hardware, software and networks. It also focuses on the techniques of integrating computers and networks and the development of new technologies.
Our students will receive hands-on knowledge to deal with elemental technologies related to computers and information networks. They will become capable of conducting research and development, relating to the advancement of our information-based society and to further the development of next-generation computer systems and networks.


Faculty members

Division Position: Name

Computer Design

Professor:INOUE, Tomoo
Associate Professor:ICHIHARA, Hideyuki
Research Associate:IWAGAKI, Tsuyoshi

Logic Circuits and Systems

Professor:WAKABAYASHI, Shinichi
Professor:NAGAYAMA, Shinobu
Associate Professor:TAKAHASHI, Ryuichi
Lecturer:KAMIDOI, Yoko
Research Associate:INAGI, Masato

Computer Architecture

Professor:HIRONAKA, Tetsuo
Lecturer:KAWABATA, Hideyuki
Lecturer:TANIGAWA, Kazuya
Research Associate:KOJIMA, Akira
Research Associate:KUBOTA, Atsushi
Network Software
Professor:KAKUDA, Yoshiaki
Associate Professor:OHTA, Tomoyuki
Associate Professor:KOHNO, Eitaro
Research Associate:INOUE, Shinji
Information Networks Professor:ISHIDA, Kenji
Associate Professor:INOUE, Hiroyuki
Associate Professor:FUNASAKA, Jun-ichi
Associate Professor:OBATA, Hiroyasu
Monitoring Networks Professor:NISHI, Masahiro
Lecturer:SHIN, Koichi
Network Science Professor:MAEDA, Kaori
Associate Professor:TAKANO, Chisa
Research Associate:ISHIKAWA, Naoki
Sensor Systems Associate Professor:TANAKA, Koichi
Associate Professor:HAPPO, Naohisa
Associate Professor:TAKAHASHI, Satoshi
Lecturer:FUJIWARA, Makoto