Master's Degree Program

The 21st century will see the progression of an advanced information-communication society in which information technologies are the foundation of all aspects of society, promoting economic and cultural activities of a new era.
In order to play a significant role not only within Japan, but on an international level, it is necessary to advance research and train future leaders in information technology and information-related fields.
The Graduate School of Information Sciences aims to meet this demand by promoting both theoretical research and scientific technologies and by training future researchers and engineers in research and development.
Through this program, students at this level will acquire the skills to:

  1. Research and apply elemental technologies for computers and networks, and create next-generation computers and networks.
  2. Process and organize information in order to meet various forms of communication within a knowledge-based society.
  3. Develop advanced systems for harmonious relations between humans, computers, and mechanical systems.
  4. Establish a new level of monozukuri, the Japanese art of creative manufacturing, to adapt to evolving trends, through the integration of information sciences, physics, chemistry, and biology.
  5. To conduct creative research through independent studies and projects.

Students will acquire international perspectives and skills of analysis, planning and judgment, in order to conduct independent, specialized and interdisciplinary research.
Depending on their thesis topic, students are eligible for either a Masters in Information Sciences or a Masters in Computer Engineering.


Features of our teaching and research:

  1. Highly specialized, integrates science and engineering and covers a wide range of subjects from mathematics, basic logic and computers, Artificial Intelligence (AI) to human interfaces.
  2. A wide range of classes which provide both academic and practical knowledge from basic to applied levels, in order to meet the sophistication and diversity of Information Sciences.
  3. A flexible semester system, in which students have the option of completing all courses within a year.
  4. A series of core classes taught by each department, in order to provide students with specialized knowledge.
  5. Independent projects and studies assigned to students to help them develop the creativity and independence necessary to become skilled researchers and engineers.
  6. Students can acquire cutting-edge advice and wisdom through guest lecture given by speakers at the forefront of the field.
  7. All teaching and research is assisted by state-of-the-art multi-media networks.

Faculty members

●Department of Computer and Network Engineering
Division Position: Name

Computer Design

Professor:INOUE, Tomoo
Associate Professor:ICHIHARA, Hideyuki
Research Associate:IWAGAKI, Tsuyoshi

Logic Circuits and Systems

Professor:WAKABAYASHI, Shinichi
Professor:NAGAYAMA, Shinobu
Associate Professor:TAKAHASHI, Ryuichi
Lecturer:KAMIDOI, Yoko
Research Associate:INAGI, Masato

Computer Architecture

Professor:HIRONAKA, Tetsuo
Lecturer:KAWABATA, Hideyuki
Lecturer:TANIGAWA, Kazuya
Research Associate:KOJIMA, Akira
Research Associate:KUBOTA, Atsushi
Network Software
Professor:KAKUDA, Yoshiaki
Associate Professor:OHTA, Tomoyuki
Associate Professor:KOHNO, Eitaro
Research Associate:INOUE, Shinji
Information Networks Professor:ISHIDA, Kenji
Associate Professor:INOUE, Hiroyuki
Associate Professor:FUNASAKA, Jun-ichi
Associate Professor:OBATA, Hiroyasu
Monitoring Networks Professor:NISHI, Masahiro
Lecturer:SHIN, Koichi
Network Science Professor:MAEDA, Kaori
Associate Professor:TAKANO, Chisa
Research Associate:ISHIKAWA, Naoki
Sensor Systems Associate Professor:TANAKA, Koichi
Associate Professor:HAPPO, Naohisa
Associate Professor:TAKAHASHI, Satoshi
Lecturer:FUJIWARA, Makoto
●Department of Intelligent Systems
Division Position: Name
Knowledge Engineering Professor:MATSUBARA, Yukihiro
Associate Professor:IWANE, Noriyuki
Lecturer:OKAMOTO, Masaru
Data Engineering Associate Professor:TAMURA, Keiichi
Associate Professor:KUROKI, Susumu
Research Associate:MORI, Yasuma
Machine Learning Associate Professor:MIYAHARA, Tetsuhiro
Associate Professor:UCHIDA, Tomoyuki
Research Associate:SUZUKI, Yusuke
Image Media Engineering and Computer Graphics Professor:HIURA, Shinsaku
Associate Professor:FURUKAWA, Ryo
Associate Professor:MIYAZAKI, Daisuke
Lecturer:BABA, Masashi
Language and Speech Research Professor:TAKEZAWA, Toshiyuki
Associate Professor:NANBA, Hidetsugu
Research Associate:MERA, Kazuya
Research Associate:KUROSAWA, Yoshiaki
Intelligent Media Engineering Professor:TAKAHASHI, Kenichi
Research Associate:INABA, Michimasa
Intelligent Computing and Systems Professor:TAKAHAMA, Tetsuyuki
Associate Professor:HARA, Akira
Lecturer:KUSHIDA, Jun-ichi
Pattern Recognition Professor:MIMURA, Kazushi
Associate Professor:SUEMATSU, Nobuo
Associate Professor:IWATA, Kazunori
Intelligent Mathematics Professor:SATO, Manabu
Associate Professor:SEKINE, Mitsuhiro
Associate Professor:SAITO, Natsuo
●Department of Systems Engineering
Divison Position: Name


Professor:LI, Shigang
Associate Professor:KOSAKI, Takahiro
Research Associate:KOSAKU, Toshiharu
Research Associate:ATSUUMI, Keita
Intelligent Control Systems Professor:KOBAYASHI, Yasuhide
Associate Professor:ONO, Takahiko
Research Associate:SAITO, Mitsuyuki
Research Associate:WAKITA, Wataru
Robotics Professor:IWAKI, Satoshi
Lecturer:IKEDA, Tetsushi
Research Associate:TAKAI, Hiroyuki
Communications and Signal Processing Professor:FUJISAKA, Hisato
Associate Professor:FUKUSHIMA, Masaru
Associate Professor:KUWATA, Seiichi
Lecturer:KAMIO, Takeshi
Research Associate:TSUJI, Katsuhiro
Embedded Design Professor:NAKATA, Akio
Associate Professor:SHIMA, Kazuyuki
Associate Professor:SOHSHI, Masakazu
Associate Professor:MURATA, Yoshihiro
Research Associate:SATO, Yasuomi
Sound Design Professor:ISHIMITSU, Shunsuke
Research Associate:TAKAHASHI, Yuzo
Research Associate:NAKAYAMA, Masashi
System Interface Research Associate:KAWAMOTO, Kayo
Mathematical Sciences Professor:TANAKA, Teruo
Lecturer:HIROKADO, Masayuki
Lecturer:OKAYAMA, Tomoaki
●Department of Biomedical Information Sciences
Division Position: Name
Biological Information Science and Engineering Professor:TAKANO, Yu
Associate Professor:NAKANO, Yasuhisa
Associate Professor:KUGIMIYA, Akimitsu
Lecturer:KOHDA, Jiro
Research Associate:SAITO, Toru
Medical Imaging Professor:MASUTANI, Yoshitaka
Associate Professor:AOYAMA, Masahito
Associate Professor:FUJIWARA, Hisashi
Medical Robots Professor:SHIKIDA, Mitsuhiro
Lecturer:TANIGUCHI, Kazuhiro
Research Associate:HASEGAWA, Yoshihiro
Brain Sciences and Technologies Professor:HIWAKI, Osamu
Associate Professor:FUKUDA, Hiroshi
Lecturer:TOKIWA, Tatsuji
Medical and healthcare ICT Professor:TANAKA, Hirokazu
Research Associate:HATAKEYAMA, Yasutaka