Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts fosters creativity and encourages self-expression through cutting-edge practice, technique, scholarship, and research.

Faculty of Arts
Department of Fine Arts
  • Japanese Painting
  • Oil Painting
  • Sculpture
Department of Design and Applied Arts
  • Contemporary Expression
    • CA+T (Contemporary Art and Theory)
  • Design and Applied Arts
    • Visual Communication Design, Product Design, Digital Media, Metal Design, Textiles, Lacquer Arts

Admission Policy

The faculty endeavors to provide a supportive learning environment for creative-minded individuals, who are capable of adapting to changing trends, and enthusiastic about experimenting with various methods of self-expression. An emphasis is placed on the role of aesthetics and creative activity in local and international communities.

  • The ideal candidate for this program should possess a keen sense of creativity, the ability to observe and critique a body of work, and the desire to further hone their skills of self-expression.

  • Students will have the opportunity to experiment with various techniques and develop the skills in their chosen area of concentration.

  • A primary feature of this program is its focus on community and international exchange. Through rigorous study and practice, students explore the social role of art through a production-based approach in the community at large.


Educational Concept

The Faculty of Art is a lively, supportive environment, which provides a venue for students to consider art as a social medium, and integrate their work in local and international communities.

  • Emphasis on Foundation Skills

    Our program focuses on the mastery of core skills and techniques. Through the acquisition and mastery of these techniques, students will explore various methodologies of observation, and production of their own forms.

  • A Diversified, Comprehensive Education

    Building upon a rich and extensive art tradition, students are challenged with a broad scope of techniques in which to pursue their work. Based on the notion of diversity, the program aims to support students to locate their own practice in a historical and contemporary context.

  • Focus on Local and International Communities

    With a focus on community building through art, students are provided with a venue to engage the public and further understand the social and cultural ramifications of art, in spirit and cooperation with the local community and academic exchanges with overseas institutions.


Possible qualifications

●Ist grade teaching license for Junior high school / high school (Art)
●Ist grade teaching license for Junior high school / high school (Industrial Arts and Crafts)
●Curator license (Galleries and Museums, including Fine Arts)


Faculty members

●Department of Fine Arts
Position Name Research Field
(Director of the Art Museum)
WARAYA, Minoru Japanese-Style Painting
Associate Professor IMAMURA, Masahiro Japanese-Style Painting
Associate Professor CHIKARA, Maeda Japanese-Style Painting
Associate Professor ARAKI, Kyouko Japanese-Style Painting
Research Associate MEGUMI, Yamaura Japanese-Style Painting
Professor OHYA, Hideo Oil Painting
Professor MORINAGA, Shoji Oil Painting
Associate Professor SUWA, Atsushi Oil Painting
Associate Professor SHIMIZU, Jiou Oil Painting
Lecturer KOUKI, Tsuritani Oil Painting, Printmaking
Lecturer SATO, Yasutaka Oil Painting
Research Associate MUKAIGAWA, Takaaki Oil Painting
Professor MAEKAWA, Yoshiharu Sculpture
Professor ITO, Toshimitsu Sculpture
Associate Professor WORTHEN, Charles Sculpture
Lecturer TANAKA, Keisuke Sculpture
Research Associate NANAKARAGE, Ayano Sculpture
●Department of Design and Applied Arts
Position Name Research Field
Professor EBISAWA, Tatsuo Contemporary Art
Lecturer FURUKATA, Taro Contemporary Art
Professor OIKAWA, Hisao Visual Communication Design
Lecturer NAKAMURA, Kei Visual Communication Design
Professor YOSHIDA, Yukihiro Product Design
Lecturer FUJIE, Ryutaro Product Design
Professor KASAHARA, Hiroshi Digital Media
Lecturer ARIMOCHI,"ALIMO" Akira Digital Media
(Dean of the Faculty of Arts)
MINAMI, Masanobu Metal Design
Associate Professor NAGAMI, Fumito Metal Design
Professor KURAUCHI, Hiroshi Textiles
Associate Professor NODA, Mutsumi Textiles
Associate Professor OHTSUKA, Tomotsugu Lacquer Arts
Lecturer AOKI, Shinsuke Lacquer Arts
●Art Theory
Position Name Research Field
Associate Professor ISHIDA, Noriko Art History & Theory

*Any faculty member marked with an asterisk* is scheduled to retire in March, 2014.