The Department of Systems Engineering

Faculty of Information Sciences
Department of Systems Engineering

●Human-Robot Symbiosis Course
●Interface Design Course

Integration of humans, computers, and information systems towards a ubiquitous systems society

Students in the Department of Systems Engineering will be able to deepen their understanding of society through unique mechanisms and large-scale, complex systems through a comprehensive approach. Students will become proficient in the systematic integration of those systems with a focus on efficiency enhancement and sensitivity to environmental and security issues. Students will be encouraged to develop a broad perspective and creativity in order to achieve the harmonious integration of these systems.

Human-Robot Symbiosis Course

In this course, students will learn the skills of advanced technologies systems development for applications such as digital home appliances, control instruments at industrial plants, robots, and nursing-care devices. In an open and supportive environment, students will gain various perspectives in this field and become adept in developing user-friendly systems for the advancement of society.

●Faculty members
Position Name Research field
Professor (Vice-Dean) LI, Shigang Robot Vision
Associate Professor KOSAKI, Takahiro Control Engineering
Research Associate KOSAKU, Toshiharu Mechanical Engineering
Research Associate ATSUUMI, Keita Instrument, Measurement & Control Engineering
Professor KOBAYASHI, Yasuhide System Control Engineering
Associate Professor ONO, Takahiko Control Engineering
Research Associate SAITO, Mitsuyuki Optimal Control Engineering
Research Associate WAKITA, Wataru Virtual Reality
Professor IWAKI, Satoshi Robotics
Lecturer IKEDA, Tetsushi Intelligent Robotics
Research Associate TAKAI, Hiroyuki Machatronics
Professor TANAKA, Teruo Stochastic Processes
Lecturer HIROKADO, Masayuki Algebraic Geometry
Lecturer OKAYAMA, Tomoaki Numerical Analysis



Interface Design Course

In this course, students will learn the skills of digital communications systems development, reliability enhancement and embedded software development, all of which are essential for the integrated operation of complicated, large-scale network systems. Students will gain extensive knowledge to contribute to the continued development of a ubiquitous systems society.

●Faculty members
Position Name Research filed
Professor FUJISAKA, Hisato Nonlinear Circuits
Associate Professor FUKUSHIMA, Masaru Laser Spectroscopy
Associate Professor KUWATA, Seiichi Theoretical Physics
Lecturer KAMIO, Takeshi Computer Engineering
Research Associate TSUJI, Katsuhiro Functional Devices
Professor NAKATA, Akio Embedded System
Associate Professor SHIMA, Kazuyuki Software Engineering
Associate Professor SOSHI, Masakazu Information Security
Associate Professor MURATA, Yoshihiro Combinatorial Optimization
Research Associate SATO, Yasuomi Software Engineering
Professor ISHIMITSU, Shunsuke Acoustics
Research Associate TAKAHASHI, Yuzo Ergonomics
Research Associate NAKAYAMA, Masashi Speech Signal Processing
Professor LI, Shigang Robot Vision
Research Associate KAWAMOTO, Kayo Educational Technology