The Department of Computer and Network Engineering

Faculty of Information Sciences
Department of Computer and Network Engineering

●Computer Course
●Network Course
●Communication Science Course

Our faculty's mission is to pursue the creation of, develop, and move towards the next generation of information through the exploration of both software and hardware.

The Department of Computer and Network Engineering will provide students with a comprehensive education and research skills related software and hardware on computers and networks. Students who acquire these skills will be capable of managing integrated computer network technologies in an advanced information age.

Computer Course

Students in Computer Course acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills of computer hardware and software, and will be persons who possess academic and/or practical expertise to tackle the development of advanced information technologies such as system software, LSI systems and embedded systems.

●Faculty members
Position Name Research field


(Director of the Career Center)

INOUE, Tomoo Dependable Computing
Associate Professor ICHIHARA, Hideyuki VLSI-CAD/EDA
Research Associate IWAGAKI, Tsuyoshi Design and Test of Digital Systems
WAKABAYASHI, Shinichi Logic Design
Combinatorial Optimization
Professor NAGAYAMA, Shinobu Logic Design
Associate Professor TAKAHASHI, Ryuichi Processor design technology
Computer science education
Lecturer KAMIDOI, Yoko Distributed Computing
Research Associate INAGI, Masato VLSI Design Automation
Professor HIRONAKA, Tetsuo Computer Architecture
Lecturer KAWABATA, Hideyuki System Software
Lecturer TANIGAWA, Kazuya Computer Architecture
Research Associate KOJIMA, Akira System Software
Research Associate KUBOTA, Atsushi System Software



Network Course

Students in Network Course will learn technologies of Internet, mobile communications and digital broadcasting as the foundation of information networks. This course is making active efforts to develop human resources to cope with the next-generation information network society.

●Faculty members
Position Name Research field
Professor (Dean) KAKUDA, Yoshiaki Software
Associate Professor OHTA, Tomoyuki Network Software
Associate Professor KOHNO, Eitaro Information Networks
Research Associate INOUE, Shinji Network Software


(Director of the Information Processing Center)

ISHIDA, Kenji Information Networks
Associate Professor FUNASAKA, Jun-ichi Network Software
Associate Professor INOUE, Hiroyuki Computer Network
Associate Professor OBATA, Hiroyasu Communication Protocol
Satellite Communications
Professor NISHI, Masahiro Communication Engineerings
Radio Science
Lecturer SHIN, Koichi Radio Engineering



Communication Science Course

Students in Communication Science Course will learn fundamental knowledge and skills on network analysis, network architecture, and informatics based on mathematics and/or physics, and will acquire advanced technology to develop and apply new communication infrastructure.

●Faculty members
Position Name Research field
Professor MAEDA, Kaori Computer Networks
Associate Professor TAKANO, Chisa Evaluation of Network Performance
Associate Professor TANAKA, Koichi Electronic Optical Physics
Associate Professor HAPPO, Naohisa Materials Sciences
Associate Professor TAKAHASHI, Satoshi Radio Communications
Radio Systems
Lecturer FUJIWARA, Makoto Nano IT Materials
Research Associate ISHIKAWA, Naoki Radio Communications
Information Theory