The Faculty of Information Sciences

Faculty of Information Sciences

To train future experts to lead the field of information communication which is vital to an advanced information society.

Faculty of Information Sciences
Department of Computer and Network Engineering
  • Computer Course
  • Network Course
  • Communication Science Course
Department of Intelligent Systems
  • Intelligence Software Course
  • Intelligence Media Course
  • Intelligence Science Course
Department of Systems Engineering
  • Human-Robot Symbiosis Course
  • Interface Design Course
Department of Biomedical Information Sciences


Admission Policy

We welcome prospective students pursuing a future in the rapidly growing field of Information Sciences.

We seek applicants who:
  • are enthusiastic about the field of Information Sciences
  • are highly motivated and ambitious
  • enjoy tackling challenges
  • are inquisitive by nature
  • have a good command of mathematics, sciences and foreign languages



Our Goals
Educational Concept

The Faculty of Information Sciences aims to train future researchers and engineers who are committed to research and development.

  • A Wide Variety of Courses to Meet Students’ Needs

    Once potential students acquire the foundational knowledge of Information Sciences, they have the option to choose from a wide array of electives.

  • Teaching the Skills for Success

    Students will acquire fundamental skills in mathematics, programming and English to help facilitate further development in Information Sciences.

  • Information Communication Technology

    Students will acquire Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills for the purposes of disseminating information.

  • Special Topics

    Students will have the opportunity to refine their skills through special topics offered by the faculty.

  • Emphasis on Practical, Hands-On Learning

    Students gain valuable experience and understanding to succeed in today’s information-based society through practical applications, problem-solving, and presentations.

  • Students from All Academic Backgrounds Are Welcome

    We are committed to meeting the needs of students of various levels of knowledge and training by offering small classes according to their academic experience.


Possible qualifications

●1st grade teaching license for High school (Infomation / Mathematics)
●Curator license (Galleries and Museums)


Faculty members

The Department of Computer Network Engineering: Computer Course
Position Name Research field


(Director of the Career Center)

INOUE, Tomoo Dependable Computing
Associate Professor ICHIHARA, Hideyuki VLSI-CAD/EDA
Research Associate IWAGAKI, Tsuyoshi Design and Test of Digital Systems
WAKABAYASHI, Shinichi Logic Design
Combinatorial Optimization
Professor NAGAYAMA, Shinobu Logic Design
Associate Professor TAKAHASHI, Ryuichi Processor design technology
Computer science education
Lecturer KAMIDOI, Yoko Distributed Computing
Research Associate INAGI, Masato VLSI Design Automation
Professor HIRONAKA, Tetsuo Computer Architecture
Lecturer KAWABATA, Hideyuki System Software
Lecturer TANIGAWA, Kazuya Computer Architecture
Research Associate KOJIMA, Akira System Software
Research Associate KUBOTA, Atsushi System Software
The Department of Computer and Network Engineering: Network Course
Position Name Research field
Professor (Dean) KAKUDA, Yoshiaki Software
Associate Professor OHTA, Tomoyuki Network Software
Associate Professor KOHNO, Eitaro Information Networks
Research Associate INOUE, Shinji Network Software


(Director of the Information Processing Center)

ISHIDA, Kenji Information Networks
Associate Professor FUNASAKA, Jun-ichi Network Software
Associate Professor INOUE, Hiroyuki Computer Network
Associate Professor OBATA, Hiroyasu Communication Protocol
Satellite Communications
Professor NISHI, Masahiro Communication Engineerings
Radio Science
Lecturer SHIN, Koichi Radio Engineering
The Department of Computer and Network Engineering: Communication Science Course
Position Name Research field
Professor MAEDA, Kaori Computer Networks
Associate Professor TAKANO, Chisa Evaluation of Network Performance
Associate Professor TANAKA, Koichi Electronic Optical Physics
Associate Professor HAPPO, Naohisa Materials Sciences
Associate Professor TAKAHASHI, Satoshi Radio Communications
Radio Systems
Lecturer FUJIWARA, Makoto Nano IT Materials
Research Associate ISHIKAWA, Naoki Radio Communications
Information Theory
The Department of Intelligent Sytems: Intelligent Software
Position Name Research field
Professor MATSUBARA, Yukihiro Knowledge Engineering
Associate Professor IWANE, Noriyuki Knowledge Engineering
Lecturer OKAMOTO, Masaru Knowledge Engineering
Learning System
Associate Professor TAMURA, Keiichi Parallel Processing
Data Engineeing
Associate Professor KUROKI, Susumu Multimedia Databases
Research Associate MORI, Yasuma Knowledge Information Processing
Associate Professor MIYAHARA, Tetsuhiro Machine Learning
Data Mining
Associate Professor UCHIDA, Tomoyuki Data Mining
Machine Learinig
Research Associate SUZUKI, Yusuke Data Mining
Machine Learinig
The Department of Intelligent Systems: Intelligent Media
Position Name Research field
HIURA, Shinsaku Computer Vision
Associate Professor FURUKAWA, Ryo Computer Vision
Associate Professor MIYAZAKI, Daisuke Computer Graphics
Lecturer BABA, Masashi Computer Graphics
(Director of the Center for Industry and Public Relations)
TAKEZAWA, Toshiyuki Spoken Language Processing
Associate Professor NANBA, Hidetsugu Natural Language Processing
Research Associate KUROSAWA, Yoshiaki Intention Understanding
Research Associate MERA, Kazuya Affective Computing
Natural Language Processing
Professor TAKAHASHI, Kenichi Knowledge Processing
Research Associate INABA, Michimasa Agent
The Department of Intelligent Systems: Intelligent Science
Position Name Research field
Professor TAKAHAMA, Tetsuyuki Natural Computing
Associate Professor HARA, Akira Evolutionary Computation
Lecturer KUSHIDA, Jun-ichi Evolutionary Computation
Professor MIMURA, Kazushi Mathematical Informatics
Associate Professor SUEMATSU, Nobuo Pattern Recognition
Machine Learinig
Associate Professor IWATA, Kazunori Mathematical Engineering
Professor SATO, Manabu Mathematical Statistics
Associate Professor SAKINE, Mitsuhiro Topology
Associate Professor SAITO, Natsuo Algebraic Geometry
The Department of Systems Engineering: Human-Robot Symbiosis
Position Name Research field
Professor (Vice-Dean) LI, Shigang Robot Vision
Associate Professor KOSAKI, Takahiro Control Engineering
Research Associate KOSAKU, Toshiharu Mechanical Engineering
Research Associate ATSUUMI, Keita Instrument,Measurement & Control Engineering
Professor KOBAYASHI, Yasuhide System Control Engineering
Associate Professor ONO, Takahiko Control Engineering,
Research Associate SAITO, Mitsuyuki Optimal Control Engineering
Research Associate WAKITA, Wataru Virtual Reality
Professor IWAKI, Satoshi Robotics
Lecturer IKEDA, Tetsushi Intelligent Robotics
Research Associate TAKAI, Hiroyuki Machatronics
Professor TANAKA, Teruo Stochastic Processes
Lecturer HIROKADO, Masayuki Algebraic Geometry
Lecturer OKAYAMA, Tomoaki Numerical Analysis
The Department of Systems Engineering: Interface Design
Position Name Research field
Professor FUJISAKA, Hisato Nonlinear Circuits
Associate Professor FUKUSHIMA, Masaru Laser Spectroscopy
Associate Professor KUWATA, Seiichi Theoretical Physics
Lecturer KAMIO, Takeshi Computer Engineering
Research Associate TSUJI, Katsuhiro Functional Devices
Professor NAKATA, Akio Embedded System
Associate Professor SHIMA, Kazuyuki Software Engineering
Associate Professor SOSHI, Masakazu Information Security
Associate Professor MURATA, Yoshihiro Combinatorial Optimization
Research Associate SATO, Yasuomi Software Engineering
Professor ISHIMITSU, Shunsuke Acoustical Engineering
Research Associate TAKAHASHI, Yuzo Ergonomics
Research Associate NAKAYAMA, Masashi Speech Signal Processing
Professor LI, Shigang Robot Vision
Research Associate KAWAMOTO, Kayo Educational Technology
The Department of Biomedical Information Sciences
Position Name Research field
Professor TAKANO, Yu Computational biophysics
Associate Professor NAKANO, Yasuhisa Visual Information Engineering
Associate Professor KUGIMIYA, Akimitsu Bioengineering
Lecturer KOHDA, Jiro Bioengineering
Research Associate SAITO, Toru Computational Chemistry
Professor MASUTANI, Yoshitaka

Medical Imaging

Computational Anatomy

Associate Professor AOYAMA, Masahito Medical Image Diagnostic Support
Associate Professor FUJIWARA, Hisashi Optical Information Engineering
Professor SHIKIDA, Mitsuhiro MEMS and Medical Engineering
Lecturer TANIGUCHI, Kazuhiro Medical Robotics
Research Associate HASEGAWA, Yoshihiro Micromechanics
Professor HIWAKI, Osamu Biomedical Science and Engineering
Associate Professor FUKUDA, Hiroshi Computational Neuroscience
Lecturer TOKIWA , Tatsuji Biomedical Engineering
Professor TANAKA, Hirokazu Theory and applications of modulation 
Research Associate HATAKEYAMA, Yasutaka Multimedia database