Faculty of International Studies

Faculty of International Studies

Our goal is to educate people who desire truly international society through many flexible approaches.

Faculty of International Studies
Department of International Studies
  • International Politics and Peace Program
  • Public Policy and NPO program
  • Multicultural Studies Program
  • Language and Communication Program
  • International Business Program


Admission Policy for Prospective Students

Those who have the desire to become the leader of the 21st century, who want to take advantage of new language skills, who want to be active in business environments, or who are interested in solving problems at home or abroad, apply to our undergraduate department. Our students should possess the following attitudes:

  • The desire to study in a 21st-Century International Community

    Possess an attitude which will enable them to pursue solutions for current problems in both local and international environments.

  • In pursuit of promoting international coexistence

    Possess an attitude which will explore the possible ways of minimizing international problems related to coexistence and develop communication to promote peaceful coexistence.

  • Developing actions both on regional and international scales

    Possess an attitude which will enable them to create a platform for contributing to local areas and extending their activities worldwide.



Educational Concept 

To accommodate students’ individual interests and needs, the Faculty has created the following concepts:

  • Interdisciplinary education

    Students not only have the opportunity to focus on a specialized field of study, they are also encouraged to study from an interdisciplinary curriculum.

  • Five Study Programs

    The Faculty offers 5 collaborative programs which allow students to graduate possessing a broad knowledge.

  • Small-class seminars

    Students are able to join small-class seminars which allows for meaningful exchanges of opinions and ideas between students and faculty.

  • Support system

    The Faculty assists students with academic and non-academic issues. In addition, they are involved in student organizations and extracurricular groups.



Possible qualifications

●1st grade teaching license for Junior high school / high school (English)
●Curator license (Galleries and Museums)



Faculty members 

Position Name Primary Subject Research Field
AOKI, Nobuyuki Art of Communication
Subject Pedagogy B (English)
English Language Education
Professor AKAHOSHI, Shinsaku Educational Administration Educational Administration
Teacher Education
Professor INOUE, Yasuhiro Mass Media
Media Literacy
Mass Media
International Communication
Professor IWAI, Chiaki Applied Linguistics
Academic English Writing
Applied Linguistics
Professor WOHR, Ulrike Gender Studies
Japanese Studies
Japanese Studies
Gender Studies
Professor OTA, Ikuko International Law
International Human Rights
International Law
International Human Rights
Professor OBA, Chieko Studies of Nation-States History of International Relations
East-European Area Studies
Professor KANAYA, Nobuko Nonprofit Organizations Nonprofit Organizations
Public Policy
Professor KIM, Yeongho History of International Relations (Korea) Politics
Contemporary Korean Studies
Professor SATO, Miyuki Japanese Studies
History of Japanese Culture
Text Analysis
Japanese Studies
Japanese Literature
Professor SEKIMURA, Makoto Aesthetics Aesthetics, Philosophy
Professor SONE, Mikiko Management of Sports Culture Community Sports
Lifelong Sports
Professor TAKAHASHI, Hiromasa Economic Policy Theoretical Economics
Professor TAGAWA, Gen Comparative Culture  Anthropology
Professor TERADA, Hideko Public Finance Local Public Finance
Transport Economics
Professor YAMAGUCHI, Mitsuaki Psychology for Health Psychology for Health
Professor YUASA, Masae Sociology of Global Communities Sociology
Professor YOKOYAMA, Tomoyuki Translation Studies Translation Studies
Language Education



YOSHIDA, Haruhiko International Cooperation International Relations
Professor LUAN, Zhumin Contrastive Linguistics Japanese Linguistics (History of Japanese)
Professor LEE,Jaeho International Management

International Management

Supply Chain Management

(Director of the Language Center)
WATANABE, Tomoe CALL Intensive English
Interpretation Studies
English Language Education
Associate Professor ARIF,Nurhaizal,Azam

Multinational Enterprises

International Business

Associate Professor IIJIMA, Noriko History of International Relations
Chinese Culture
Modern Chinese History
Theory of Overseas Chinese
Associate Professor ITAYA, Taisei Development Politics Southeast Asian Studies
Development Politics
Associate Professor IMAE, Hidekazu Psychology Clinical Psychology
Associate Professor URABE, Masashi Education Education
Associate Professor OBA, Shizue French Literature and Culture French Literature and Civilization
Associate Professor CARSON, Luke English Communication Cross-cultural Studies
Associate Professor KAKIGI, Nobuyuki Philosophy of Coexistence Philosophy
Associate Professor KITA, Tsutomu Public Sector Accounting
Financial Management
Financial Management
Public Sector Accounting
Associate Professor KURASHINA, Itsuki History of International Relations (America)
Seminar I (History of American Politics and Foreign Relations)
History of American Politics and Foreign Relations
International Politics
Associate Professor GORMAN, Michael American Culture Studies
English and American Lilterature
American Literature and American Studies
Associate Professor JOICHi, Mariko History of Fine Arts History of Fine Arts
Associate Professor TAKAKU, Kenya

International Finance


International Finance

International Macroeconomics

Associate Professor TANAMI,Aoe


Arab Studies

Middle Eastern Studies

Palestinian Cultural Studies

Associate Professor NISHIDA, Tatsuya International Security International Security
Associate Professor FURUZAWA, Yoshiaki Conflict Resolution Conflict Resolution
Associate Professor MUTO, Ayaka Japanese Language Japanese Language
Associate Professor YAMANE, Fumihiro Microeconomics Microeconomics
Associate Professor YOSHIE, Takafumi Spanish Cultural Anthropology
Lecturer SAITO,Syohei

Russia Studies

International Relations

Lecturer MEGURO,Toshio

International Development Studies

Global Environment

African Sutudies

Environmental Sociology

African Area Sutudies

Lecturer LI, Ling Marketing Marketing